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Plane Fax Aircraft History Reports

Why a History Report for my airplane?


Never before has there been an easier, quicker, more cost effective way to research the history of an aircraft. The idea was simple, the plan intriguing, and the result revolutionary. It's called Plane Fax Reports, and it's changing the way the aviation industry is doing business, one report at a time.

What is it?

A Plane Fax Report brings a wealth of information together in one convenient, easy to understand historical report of your aircraft. Color-coded symbols make it easy to see what's right or wrong with the plane. Once complete, reports are emailed to customers via a web link and can be printed or saved to your computer for future reference.

If one were to ask "Why Plane Fax Reports?" We would say "Because aircraft can't talk". So simple, so easy, order yours today - you'll thank yourself later.

*Subject to FAA office hours Monday through Friday 8am-4pm Central Time, closed weekends and holidays. (Click Here for a list of FAA Holidays)

Order a Plane Fax Report - Aircraft History Report

Every History Report includes the following information:
Accident / Incident Search For Each N Number
 337 Reports For Major Repairs

Airworthiness Directives (Airframe)

Service Difficulty Reports

N# History Data

Current Owner Information
Import/Export Records

FAA Documents: Entire FAA File (Often several hundred pages)
Image of Norm Goyer Standing By Old Bi-Plane: I learned more about my Aircraft using Plane Fax Reports Aircraft History Reports
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