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Established in 1989, Plane Fax is a world wide leader in aviation e-advertising. While maintaining its strong brand and ease of use, Plane Fax is revolutionizing the e-advertising world with new and innovative methods. 

Initially, Plane Fax consisted of a one page facsimile, which was hand sent to a couple dozen aircraft dealers and brokers.  Now that the evolution of e-mail has encompassed a vast majority of our lives, Plane Fax has adapted with new technologies, but kept its name to maintain the strong following it developed over time throughout the industry.  With a membership of 4,000 dealers and brokers world wide, Plane Fax is the trusted source for dealer to dealer communication.  

Visit the rest of the website or contact one of our friendly representatives to see how Plane Fax can help you market your aircraft, aviation service or product.

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